About Alpha-U Golf

Our Founder

A word from our founder, Geoffrey Claffey:

“I played a great many sports growing up – team sports, field sports, you name it. But of all the games I played at various stages of my life, golf has always been there. I genuinely don’t remember a time when I didn’t play. I came in contact with the concept of compression base layers playing Gaelic Football and found it really effective. I began wondering what benefits it would bring to Golf. I realised that, like most golfers, I like products that are specifically designed for the game. Equipment and apparel that are designed and manufactured by companies that are committed to golf. That’s when I began identifying what golfers need – or could benefit from – in apparel that wasn’t readily available to them. This is where the idea for Alpha-U was born, and the journey began. From here, things began moving very fast. Not only was the concept received very well among golfers but people began feeding back advantages and observations we hadn’t even considered. We now produce a range of technical apparel that enables golfers to optimise their play whether they’re in The Algarve, The Gulf, Augusta or Ireland.”